Jill Biden’s Gala for Elite Educators: More Glitz Than Gratitude?

The White House is about to throw a big shindig for teachers, with First Lady Jill Biden hosting a state dinner to celebrate the top educators in the country. She’s calling it the first state dinner of its kind, and she’s all giddy about it. In a TV interview, she gave a big ol’ pat on the back to Missy Testerman, who snagged the title of national teacher of the year for 2024. The dinner is just one part of the festivities on May 1 when the White House plans to give a big ol’ “thank you” to all the teachers out there.

It’s no secret that the White House usually hosts a little get-together for top teachers, but Jill is kicking it up a notch with a fancy schmancy dinner. She’s even telling the teachers to bust out their fanciest dresses for the occasion. She’s calling it the first time ever, like it’s some groundbreaking thing.

Of course, the first lady didn’t miss the chance to talk a little smack about her hubby’s political opponents. When asked about some not-so-rosy polling data for President Joe Biden, she brushed it off and insisted he’d come out on top in a dust-up with former President Donald Trump, who’s eyeing another shot at the White House.

And let’s not forget, Jill Biden’s not just all about hosting dinner parties. She’s also a teacher herself, teaching writing and English at Northern Virginia Community College, juggling her first lady duties with her passion for education.

Written by Staff Reports

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