Biden’s Border Blunder: Cartels Taunt Sheriffs on Social Media Amid Chaos

The southern border, under the disastrous watch of Joe Biden and the Democrats, is spiraling out of control, folks! It’s like the Wild West out there, but instead of cowboys and outlaws, we’ve got dangerous drug cartels running amok and terrorizing sheriffs. These big, bad cartels are not just trafficking drugs and people, but now they’re using social media to taunt and threaten our brave law enforcement officers. Can you believe it? Sheriff Thaddeus Cleveland from Terrell County revealed that these cartel goons are keeping tabs on him through Facebook, calling him all sorts of nasty names, and even threatening his family. It’s like a twisted reality show where the cartels are the villains and our sheriffs are the heroes standing in their way.

And it doesn’t stop there, folks! The cartels are using the internet to spy on our law enforcement officials, gathering intel and planning their next move. They’re not just smuggling drugs anymore; they’ve found a new cash cow in human trafficking. These heartless criminals are making billions by exploiting desperate migrants and turning our border into a lawless battleground. The border towns are now ground zero for a turf war between rival cartels, with each vying for control over the lucrative human smuggling trade. It’s a sickening display of greed and ruthlessness, all thanks to the Democrats’ open border policies.

The sheer amount of money involved in these criminal activities is mind-boggling. Cartels are pocketing millions of dollars each week just from one small stretch of the border. And with human smuggling being more profitable than ever, you can bet these cartels will stop at nothing to protect their profits. That’s why they’re resorting to threats and intimidation against anyone who dares to challenge their reign of terror. It’s a sad state of affairs when our sheriffs and border officials have to fear for their lives just for doing their jobs. This chaos and lawlessness will only end when a strong leader steps in to take back control of the border and restore law and order.

The situation at the southern border is a mess of epic proportions, all thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrats’ failed policies. The only way to put an end to this madness is by deploying the U.S. military to clean up the border and show these cartels who’s boss. We can’t let these ruthless criminals continue to wreak havoc and threaten the safety of our communities. It’s time to take a stand against the lawlessness and chaos that has plagued our southern border for far too long.

Written by Staff Reports

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