CNN Hits Rock Bottom: 33-Year Low, Fox News Soars High

Well, well, well, isn’t it just a hoot to see CNN floundering like a fish out of water while Fox News continues to soar high like an eagle in the sky? The Cable News Network, long known for its biased and liberal coverage, is scratching its head as it faces the harsh reality of its ratings hitting a 33-year low. That’s right, folks, it seems like viewers are finally waking up to CNN’s fake news and tuning out in record numbers.

Meanwhile, over at Fox News, things couldn’t be better. With shows like “The Ingraham Angle,” “Jesse Watters Primetime,” “Hannity,” and “Gutfeld!” pulling in an average of two million primetime viewers, it’s clear that Americans are hungry for fair and balanced reporting. Fox News has been on top for 89 consecutive quarters, leaving CNN and MSNBC in the dust.


CNN’s woes don’t stop there. Not only are their overall viewership numbers tanking, but they’re also struggling to attract the coveted 25-54 age demographic. It’s no wonder considering CNN’s constant Trump bashing and left-wing propaganda. The network even found itself trailing behind the History Channel and INSP, for goodness’ sake.

In a desperate attempt to revamp their sinking ship, CNN’s new CEO, Mark Thompson, decided to shake things up with their morning programming. But moving the show to Washington, DC, and shuffling around the team won’t magically fix the root of the problem – CNN’s out-of-touch narrative and biased reporting.

It’s clear as day that CNN needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Instead of doubling down on their anti-Trump rhetoric and liberal agenda, maybe they should try reporting the news fairly and objectively for a change. Until then, Fox News will continue to dominate the airwaves, delivering the truth that viewers crave.

Written by Staff Reports

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