Good Friday Hijacked: Biden Sparks Fury With Transgender Day

President Joe Biden’s radical, progressive agenda continues to ruffle the feathers of conservatives and Christians, as his top transgender appointee, Rachel Levine, boldly dismissed the public’s opposition to his promotion of pro-transgender policies during the Easter holiday. Levine, who serves as Biden’s assistant secretary for health, nonchalantly brushed off criticism, deeming it as “faux outrage” and insisting that it was manufactured. In an interview, Levine even went as far as to downplay the commingling of Easter with the left’s “Transgender Day of Visibility,” chalking it up to a mere coincidence.

Biden’s decision to declare the “Transgender Day of Visibility” on Good Friday, which happened to fall on Easter Sunday this year, sparked outrage among Christians who felt their holiest days were being overshadowed by the administration’s progressive agenda. Many found it disrespectful and inappropriate for the administration to leverage the significance of Easter for their own political gain.

The backlash didn’t end there, as even prominent figures, including GOP candidate Donald Trump and radio host Frederick Martínez, criticized the administration’s actions. Trump took to social media to express his discontent, labeling Election Day as “Christian Visibility Day” and calling for the biggest turnout of Christians in the history of the country. Meanwhile, Martínez, known as “El Pachá,” lambasted the administration’s insensitivity, vehemently rejecting the attempt to co-opt the most important week for Christians.

Levine’s justification for embracing a transgender identity and the administration’s focus on promoting transgender visibility only added fuel to the fire. With Levine using Star Wars quotes to depict public opposition as unreasoning hate and predictions that things for transgender and nonbinary people will improve, it’s clear that the administration is unapologetically doubling down on its pro-transgender stance.

Amidst the controversy, polls reveal that transgenderism is facing declining public support, even among progressives, gays, lesbians, and other groups. As criticisms mount against the civic aggression, personal violence, criminal behavior, intellectual incoherence, medical damage, and hostility associated with transgenderism, it’s evident that the administration’s relentless push for transgender visibility has significantly polarized public opinion.

Written by Staff Reports

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