Joe Biden Now Pushing For Federally Funded Abortions

In an interview that will be published on social media this coming Sunday, President Joe Biden stated that he would support federal money to support those who are seeking an abortion.

Axios claimed that in an interview with NowThis, he said he would back funding for people who are required to take time off from work and provide childcare in order to get an abortion.

The article was published two days after President Biden made the promise that the first law he submits to Capitol Hill, in the event that Democrats dominate both chambers of the new Congress, will be a bill that codifies the Roe v. Wade decision.

A female medical resident asked President Biden if he would approve federal funding for abortion services after informed him that some firms have begun assisting their employees pay for them in an interview to be broadcast by NowThis.

"There is no doubt that… That is something I agree with, and it is something that I have openly advocated for businesses to engage in. In my official capacity as president of the United States, I have publicly exhorted them, saying, This is what you should be doing. According to Axios, Biden made the remarks in a pre-recorded interview on Tuesday.

I can't stress enough how important it is for you to take action because there are so many ladies who are in need of aid of that nature but have no funds at all with which to take action. None. What, what, and how do they do it? They do not have a choice in the matter.

Biden has sworn, both in speeches given to collect money for his political campaigns and in public remarks, to veto any limitations on abortion that may be brought to his desk by a Republican-controlled Congress. He has also asked voters to increase the number of Democrats in the Senate so that a sufficient number of senators will be willing to amend the rules of the Senate, particularly those pertaining to the filibuster. The passage of legislation would be facilitated as a result of this.

It would appear that President Biden is making an effort to communicate with young voters about a variety of social issues in advance of the midterm elections. NowThis possesses a significant social media presence, with more than 80 million followers across its Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts.

According to Axios, the interview with Biden was conducted with six young individuals who discussed six critical problems, including abortion access, trans rights, criminal justice reform, gun safety, economic instability, and climate injustice. A NowThis correspondent served as the interview's moderator.

Democrats are doing all in their power to keep control of Congress, despite the fact that recent polls suggest they will at the very least lose their majority in the House of Representatives in the election on November 8.

In spite of the fact that the Democratic Party made gains over the summer as a direct result of the Supreme Court decision that invalidated the Roe v. Wade decision and made abortion illegal on a national level, polls show that voters are shifting their support to the Republican Party because of rising inflation and the cost of gasoline.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Newsmax.

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