Johnson Blasts Media for Masking Hunter Biden’s Dirty Laundry!

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) blasted the media and administration insiders for covering up Hunter Biden's corruption scandals in an impassioned interview with Just the News. The Senator did not hold back, boldly declaring that this malfeasance "compromises our national security" and calling President Biden's election into question. He went on to accuse federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies of complicity and corruption, all while the media orchestrated a cover-up.

Senator Johnson took issue with the mainstream media's attempt to legitimize Hunter Biden's favorable plea agreement. He made it plain that this analysis was entirely incorrect and criticized the media for its biased reporting. The Wisconsin lawmaker noted that "Hunter Biden probably hasn't paid taxes on a whole lot of other unreported income as well," citing credible reporting by journalists such as John Solomon. It appears that Hunter Biden's financial practices are only the top of the iceberg.

Senator Johnson criticized the media for refusing to acknowledge their misconduct and predicted they would continue to minimize the Biden family's behavior. According to him, the media is frantic to protect the Bidens because they were instrumental in President Biden's election. He believes that the Biden administration has been a catastrophe for the country and has urged the media to hold the administration accountable.

Senator Johnson, while shedding light on the corruption, acknowledged that government personnel have actively undermined efforts to expose it. He noted that this obstruction not only occurred during Trump's presidency but also persists to this day. Senator claims that the deep state has infiltrated every institution in the nation, including federal government agencies. This, he contends, is additional proof of the pervasiveness of radical left partisanship.

Senator Johnson then focused on the plea agreement for Hunter Biden. Due to the high level of political interference in the investigation and charging, he suggested that the judge overseeing the case should deny the terms of the agreement. Moreover, he emphasized that the transaction violated the Department of Justice's tax official policy and could only have been approved by higher-ups.

In a subsequent interview with Newsmax, tax attorney Robert Barnes verified the unusualness and rarity of the plea agreement. He noted that the deal violated DOJ policy and could only have been offered with consent from the highest level. This calls into doubt the impartiality and fairness of the investigation into Hunter Biden's crimes.

In the current political climate, Senator Johnson's fiery and unapologetic stance against corruption and media prejudice is a breath of fresh air. It is evident that he is committed to holding those in authority accountable, regardless of the establishment's reaction. Senator Johnson is leading the charge to ensure that the American people receive transparency and candor from their leaders.

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