Judge Bungles Law, Child Predators Walk Free: Topsy-Turvy Justice?

In a shocking turn of events, two Chicago men were charged with luring children for sex but were released on electronic monitoring due to a judge getting the law completely wrong. Can you believe it? It seems like something out of a bad movie, folks. Kenchi Edwards, 60, and Kraig McCauley, 55, allegedly tried to entice young kids into their van with promises of games and meeting a famous athlete. Thank goodness the children had the sense to refuse and alert their parents.

What’s truly mind-boggling is that during the hearing, Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Dale-Schmidt mistakenly informed Judge Susana Ortiz that the offenses were not detainable crimes. Can you imagine the incompetence? Attempted child abduction not being a detainable offense? It’s like the absurdity knows no bounds! Judge Ortiz even thought that attempted animal cruelty was more serious than attempting to abduct a child. It’s like the legal system has gone topsy-turvy in the pursuit of political correctness.

And get this, folks, not only did the judge mess up, but the prosecutors also got it wrong. Both the presiding judge and the state attorneys failed to understand a law that has been in place since 2021, the SAFE-T Act. It’s as if common sense has taken a vacation, and lunacy is running the show. Democrats like Representative Kam Buckner and state Sen. Elgie Sims, sponsors of the act, had to step in to set the record straight. It’s a classic case of the blind leading the blind!

In today’s America, it seems like some Democrat judges and prosecutors are more interested in coddling criminals than protecting innocent children. It’s a sad state of affairs when the priorities shift from upholding the law to playing political games. This is not the justice system our founding fathers envisioned, folks. It seems like we’re living in the Twilight Zone where up is down and down is up. Let’s hope sanity prevails, and we start putting the safety of our children above misguided ideologies.

Written by Staff Reports

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