Kamala Exposed: New Tell-All Reveals VP’s Incompetence & Chaos in White House

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day for all you political junkies out there because a new book, “Amateur Hour: Kamala Harris in the White House,” is about to hit the shelves! And let me tell you, this tell-all is going to spill all the tea on just how bad Vice President Kamala Harris has been at her job.

This book, written by Charlie Spiering, is promised to be a deep dive into Harris’s hilarious and incompetent path to the vice presidency. Finally, someone is shedding light on the truth behind her confusing professional history and limited experience in national politics. I mean, how did she even get to the second highest office in the land?

According to Spiering, not only is Harris a disaster as VP, but even President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill can’t stand her. Apparently, they have a frosty relationship and don’t trust her one bit. In fact, Biden only decided to run for a second term because he doesn’t think Kamala is up to the job. Ouch! Can you imagine being so bad at your job that even your own president doesn’t want you to replace him?

But wait, it gets worse! Spiering reveals that Biden’s first choice for a running mate in 2020 was actually Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan. Jill Biden even fought against choosing Harris in favor of Susan Rice. But Biden had to play the identity politics card and promise to pick a black woman, so Harris ended up with the gig. Talk about being a token choice.

And let’s not forget the moment during the 2019 primary debate when Harris basically called Barack Obama a racist on live TV. Yet, Obama still pushed for her to be Biden’s VP pick. It just goes to show you that in politics, loyalty means nothing. I guess Harris’s insulting remarks didn’t land her in the good graces of the Bidens either.

According to Spiering’s reporting, Harris’s office has been a complete disaster. She has thin skin, perceived grievances around every corner, and has bullied her staff so much that there’s a constant turnover. It’s like a revolving door in there. And let’s not forget about her refusal to be a team player. Can you say nightmare boss?

With approval ratings even lower than Biden’s, it’s clear that Harris is dragging down the already struggling Democratic ticket. It’s a good thing Americans have their eyes wide open. Let’s just hope they send both Biden and Harris packing come election day.

In the meantime, grab your slippers, light the fireplace, and get ready to dive into the juicy pages of “Amateur Hour: Kamala Harris in the White House.” It’s sure to be a wild ride.

Written by Staff Reports

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