Kamala’s Absurd Ceasefire Demand: Ignoring Hostages and Hamas Crimes

Vice President Kamala Harris, who seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong ideas, made another head-scratcher of a statement in Selma, Alabama. Instead of focusing on honoring civil rights heroes, she decided to insert herself into the Israel-Hamas conflict, where she has as much clue as a fish riding a bicycle.

Harris called for a six-week ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, conveniently ignoring the fact that Hamas is still holding hostages and causing endless suffering. It’s like telling a bully to take a time-out while he’s still holding someone’s lunch money hostage. Classic Kamala move.

Of course, she took the opportunity to scold Israel for not providing enough aid to Gaza, conveniently ignoring the fact that Hamas loves to steal aid meant for innocent civilians. It’s like scolding a teacher for not giving enough candy to the kid who keeps stealing everyone else’s lunch snacks.

Let’s not forget Harris’ dilemma of trying to please her progressive pals who are pro-Hamas while pretending to support Israel’s right to defend itself. It’s like trying to ride two horses with one saddle – a guaranteed way to end up on the ground.

And can we talk about those hostages that Harris, and so many other ceasefire advocates, seem to forget about? How about we focus on getting them released before we start talking about giving the bullies a break?

In the end, Harris continues to be an inspiration vacuum, sucking the energy out of any room she enters. Maybe next time she’ll stick to honoring civil rights heroes instead of trying to play diplomat in a conflict she clearly doesn’t understand.

Written by Staff Reports

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