Kari Lake Defeats CNN’s Sneaky Tactics: Standing Strong on America First Agenda

Kari Lake, the tough Arizona Senate candidate, faced off against a nosy CNN reporter who tried to trip her up with loaded questions. But this lady wasn’t having any of it! She sat down for an interview with the mainstream media to spread the word about her campaign beyond just the conservative news outlets she’s used to. However, it quickly became clear that CNN was more interested in playing “what if” games about the 2020 election.

In her no-nonsense style, Lake shut down the reporter’s attempts to drag her into hypotheticals about certifying the last election. She made it clear that her focus is on the future, with an “America First” agenda. And let’s be real, who can blame her? We all know President Trump was robbed in 2020!

Despite the media’s best efforts, Lake didn’t budge when asked about legal challenges to her failed gubernatorial campaign. She stayed firm in her belief that there were major problems in the election and that President Trump got a raw deal. And good for her for not playing their game!

Currently leading in the polls, Lake is set to take on Congressman Ruben Gallego in the general election. With Sinema out of the race, Arizona is up for grabs, and Lake is ready to fight for it. She’s not afraid to call out the Democrats for their lax border policies, making it clear that she won’t stand for their attempts to grant citizenship and voting rights to illegal immigrants.

Senate Republicans are rallying behind Lake, seeing her as the key to gaining a majority in the next election. With high-profile endorsements and a strong stance on critical issues like border security, Lake is a force to be reckoned with. And let’s hope voters in Arizona see through the liberal media’s games and support a candidate who truly has their best interests at heart.

Written by Staff Reports

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