Kari Lake Tags Gallego as Biden’s Puppet in Heated Arizona Senate Race

In a fiery digitally released ad on Wednesday, Senate candidate Kari Lake takes a swing at her Democratic rival, Rep. Ruben Gallego, blaming him for the economic somersaults that have left Arizonians reaching deep into their pockets. The ad slaps Gallego with the label of a “rubber stamp” for President Joe Biden and his money-munching schemes. Lake is on a mission to paint her opponent as a puppet who dances to Biden’s fumbling tunes.

The race for Senate in Arizona has changed its pace now that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema gave her “I’m out” speech, making it a straight-up showdown between Lake and Gallego. Recent polls suggest that Gallego is front-running, but it’s far from over. The fight just got a whole lot more interesting after Sabato’s Crystal Ball bumped the race from being a toss-up to leans Democratic. Lake and her gang are up in arms, pointing fingers at Gallego’s warm embrace of all things Biden that have left wallets feeling lighter and tempers flaring.

President Donald Trump’s numbers against Biden in Arizona have given Lake and her cohorts quite the morale boost. They are waving their Trump flags high, shouting from the rooftops that Gallego is a lefty who’s been clapping for all of Biden’s blunders, driving up prices and taxes in the Grand Canyon State. Lake’s crew is yelling from the rooftops, claiming that she’s the one to save the day and scoop up all the extra dollars the government has been snatching up.

With 34 Senate seats up for grabs, the Republicans see an opportunity to flip the script in their favor. Currently down by a couple, the Senate majority is within arm’s reach for them. If they can yank the presidency back into their hands, just one Senate seat is all they need. But if the White House remains out of their grasp, they’re setting their sights on scoring two additional seats. The folks over at the Washington Examiner tried to grab a comment from Gallego, but it seems like he’s too busy wrestling with Lake’s punches to give them a straight answer.

Written by Staff Reports

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