Kennedy nipping at Biden’s heels in primary polls: Dems panicking over his push for debates

It seems like the Democrats are in for yet another bout of chaos during their primary elections. According to the latest poll, Joe Biden’s position atop the primary has been dwindling rapidly, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. right on his heels. But let’s be honest, anyone with a brain knows that a Kennedy in office would create an administration about as effective as the Hindenburg.

Although Biden still holds 62% of the Democratic primary voter support, it is clear that Kennedy is nipping at his heels with 19%. Not to be outdone, Marianne Williamson trails behind at only 9%. It just goes to show how weak the Democratic field is when Marianne Williamson is a serious contender.

The poll also revealed that Biden’s stronghold on certain voter groups, such as women and Gen Xers, has taken a hit due to his opponents’ attacks. Biden now only sits at the mid-fifties among both groups, which could spell disaster for his campaign in the long run.

But the biggest concern for Biden’s team must be the fact that more than half of those who voted for him in 2020 don’t think he should run for office again. Even more strikingly, a whopping 64% of the voters who supported Bernie Sanders think Biden should pack it up instead of seeking re-election.

And let’s not forget about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s push for primary debates before the 2024 presidential election. Clearly, the Democrats are terrified that having their own candidates debate each other will be too much for their fragile egos to handle. But Kennedy is right – debates and town halls are essential to the political system and could help rebuild the public’s trust in this flawed system we call democracy.

It remains to be seen whether Kennedy’s momentum will continue, or if Biden will somehow scrape by and maintain his slim lead. But one thing is for sure – the Democrats are in a world of hurt, and their attempts to prop up a weak candidate like Biden are already starting to unravel.

Written by Staff Reports

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