Larry Brock Calls Out Unfair Treatment of Conservatives After Capitol Imprisonment

A retired Air Force lieutenant colonel named Larry Brock had been in prison for two years for going inside the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. After getting out of prison, he talked about his experience and thanked God for being free. He wore his military uniform and talked about feeling like a political prisoner under the current administration. Larry criticized the justice system, saying it was unfair to conservatives. He mentioned that many people arrested for being at the Capitol riot have gone to jail, while those involved in other riots like Black Lives Matter haven’t faced the same consequences.

Larry Brock wants people to think about how the justice system is working right now and how it’s not fair to everyone. He said that Americans used to have rights like free speech and a fair trial, but those rights seem to be disappearing. Larry urged people to vote out politicians who are not standing up against unfair treatment of Americans. Larry wants politicians to use their power to help those who are being treated unjustly by the government.

The military veteran quoted Martin Luther King Jr. at the end of his message. Larry said he felt free at last and thanked God for his freedom.

Written by Staff Reports

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