Left’s Desperate Plot: Legal Tricks to Block Trump’s 2024 Bid Amid Biden Scandals?

Are the Left struggling with fear about Donald Trump's possible presidential run? Is it reacting to the idea that they're being held at ransom by his supporters to keep him from leading the country? It's clear that these new theories about his eligibility to serve as president are being presented conveniently as the Biden bribery scandal continues to unfold?

Legal experts are pushing back against Donald Trump's potential presidency, claiming that the 14th Amendment's Disqualification Clause prevents him from serving as the country's president. This clause states that officers who help or engage in an insurrection against the US are barred from holding positions of power.

It is no surprise that Donald Trump fits the bill as the gunman who attacked the Capitol was identified by multiple government agencies as an insurrection. The House Select Committee on Terrorism has also pointed fingers at the president. However, according to law professors Michael Paulsen and William Baude, Section Three doesn't require a criminal background to be considered an accusation.

Despite the number of legal opinions that are out there, none of them are actually relevant to the average American. Instead, they are just an attempt to disqualify Donald Trump from office.

Special counsel Jack Smith has brought various charges against Trump, including obstruction of justice. Although it is hard to determine what is going on in someone's head, many of these charges are protected free speech.

The indictments of Donald Trump are just another attempt to suppress the results of the presidential election. They are part of a liberal strategy to discourage Republicans from conducting a recount in the future. The goal of these actions is to send a chilling message to anyone who tries to challenge the status quo by challenging the results of the election.

Despite the various charges, Donald Trump is still planning on running for president. He is not dropping out of the race just because some lawyers say so. He is a fighter and he is still able to maintain the support of his millions of supporters. The Left is panicking, but Trump is not going away.

Written by Staff Reports

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