Liberal Media Hounds Fox News: Ratings, Dominion Woes & Tucker Fallout Exposed

The liberal media’s obsession with Fox News continues as they report on their ratings decline following the disgraceful removal of their former primetime host Tucker Carlson. On Monday, the Daily Beast published an article claiming that Fox Nation, the network’s streaming service for non-cable viewers, is struggling and shedding staff after settling with Dominion Voting Systems for $787 million. This comes as no surprise, as Rupert Murdoch’s media empire looks to cut back and recoup costs.

According to an insider, Fox Nation “is basically over without Tucker.” This is ironic, as Carlson himself criticized Fox Nation behind the scenes before his dismissal. Lachlan Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch’s son, previously defended Fox Nation as a money-maker, but with the company reporting a quarterly loss due to the Dominion settlement, it is clear that Fox News is under financial strain.

In response to the Daily Beast’s article, the Fox PR team released a statement calling the claims “wildly inaccurate.” They boast that Fox Nation had their best year ever, with more programming, viewers, and revenue, and one of the highest conversion/lowest churn rates in the industry. It is clear that this is just another example of the liberal media twisting the truth to try to take down Fox News.

To add insult to injury, holdover staff members from Tucker Carlson’s show have been laid off, while others are fleeing for the exits. This is yet another example of the vicious media cycle that has targeted Fox News, particularly among conservatives who are outraged over the network’s treatment of their former producer. Allies of Carlson have promised to launch more leaks that will cause even more embarrassing headlines for the network.

It is time for the liberal media to stop their relentless attack on Fox News and focus on real news. Fox Nation is not going anywhere, and Fox News will continue to be the voice of conservatism in a sea of biased, leftist media.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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