Loudoun Spokesman Acquitted: Truth Triumphs in School Coverup Case

Another victory for the good guys! Loudoun County Public Schools spokesman Wayde Byard has been found not guilty of perjury on Thursday. For those who may have forgotten, this case was related to the school’s coverup of a bathroom rape. Byard was accused of lying and claiming that the school was unaware of the sexual assault until months after it took place. However, the evidence against him was weak – perhaps because it was purely politically motivated.

Let’s review the backstory: the student who sexually assaulted a girl in the girls’ restroom was a cross-dresser, and this case broke when the Daily Wire shone a light on the radical gender theory embraced by public schools. This, in turn, sparked parental protests and helped Governor Glenn Youngkin win office based on parental outrage against the unchecked leftist political agenda being forced on students.

According to reports, the grand jury investigating the cover-up and botched handling of the situation interrogated officials involved in the case. Byard was the first to face trial. He testified that he was not allowed to see any student records due to privacy laws. It was only later, when he was fulfilling his duty as the Freedom of Information Act officer, that he discovered the truth about the assault.

We should take this victory as a sign that the truth will always triumph over the lies spread by the Democrat-run mainstream media and their allies in Big Tech. It’s clear that once again they tried to make a spectacle out of a conservative and this time it backfired. Byard’s triumph is a huge win for Youngkin’s administration and brings home the point that you can’t allow schools to prioritize notions of gender before students’ safety. The ongoing legal process against others related to the case will continue, and we will remain vigilant as conservatives to ensure that justice is served.

Written by Staff Reports

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