Trump Fights Back: Uncovering DOJ, FBI Corruption & Biden’s Secrets

As part of the discovery process, federal prosecutors supposedly gave evidence to former President Donald Trump's defense lawyers on Wednesday. There are recordings of interviews that Trump is said to have made, as well as grand-jury witness testimony and information that was gotten through subpoenas. Trump warned against "political witch hunts" against him while criticizing the crooked Department of Justice and FBI, which he said were "totally out of control."

A new study shows that 62% of Americans think that Donald Trump's prosecution is based on politics, according to The Independent. This is the view of 28% of Democrats as well. This may be true because Vice President Joe Biden has been able to keep classified papers in his office at the Penn Biden Center and in the garage of his house in Delaware without getting in trouble. Critiques of the current president were unheard of. In a January conversation with Fox News' White House reporter, Peter Doocy, Biden explained why he kept classified documents next to his Corvette by saying, "My Corvette is in a locked garage, so it's not like it's sitting out in the street."

For people who support Trump and the right movement as a whole, this one-sided treatment of politicians sets a scary example for how future investigations of politicians will be done. Even though the left-leaning media is always trying to discredit the former president, Trump is still getting support from Americans who see this as just another unfair attack on Trump by Democrats and their media friends.

Written by Staff Reports

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