Mass Students Resist Forced Pride, Hailed as Patriots

Massachusetts students at Marshall Simonds Middle School made a bold statement against forced Pride celebrations earlier this month. The Patriot movement stands with these brave young students who refused to participate in a political agenda they didn’t agree with. Rather than supporting these patriots, the legacy media continues to villainize them and call their actions hate crimes.

The school, citing the need for diversity and inclusion, sponsored a Pride spirit day on June 2. Students were invited to wear rainbow clothing and were given rainbow stickers. The Spectrum Club, a student group for LGBTQ+ students and allies, decorated the school with Pride-themed art and educational posters. The principal even sent out a letter to parents boasting about the event.

However, some independent-minded students were unhappy with the forced participation and made their feelings known. They wore red, white, and blue instead of rainbow colors, chanted “U.S.A. are my pronouns” in the hallways, and tore down decorations and banners. While some in the media have labeled this behavior inappropriate and hateful, it is simply a form of peaceful protest.

It is not right to force students to participate in a celebration that does not align with their beliefs. Just because someone does not agree with the LGBTQ+ movement does not mean they hate or fear those in the community. It is crucial to remember that everyone has the right to choose what they support and participate in, regardless of any particular activist group’s desires.

In addition, the school’s lack of respect for Memorial Day was entirely in the wrong. This significant national day of remembrance is essential to all Americans and should be respected in the same way as any other holiday. Rather than celebrating one particular group or identity, schools should work to create a unifying message that resonates with all students.

It’s time for administrators and school boards to listen to the needs of all students, not just a select few. The push for diversity and inclusiveness has done little more than create division and disunity. Instead, schools should focus on creating a message of unity and love that all can get behind, making space for all opinions and beliefs.

Written by Staff Reports

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