Antifa’s Miami Fail: Trump Supporters Outnumber Leftists 10 to 1!

The liberal leftists were out in full force in Miami to celebrate their twisted fantasies of President Trump’s arrest. Disgusting Antifa members called for a dance party in the streets, as the media and the few counter-protesters they were able to gather, eagerly waited for any sign of the President.

Despite the heat, scores of patriotic conservatives began to arrive at the courthouse around 10:00 am. The mainstream media, whose sole purpose is to vilify Trump and his supporters, had set up camp at the event, along with vendors who tried to sell their wares to the large gathering crowd.

When the time for the Antifa counter-protest arrived, only six of them showed up. It’s no surprise that a pathetically small group of whiny liberals failed to garner any interest or support in their anti-Trump tirade. It speaks volumes about the Miami-Dade County and how far it has shifted to the right in recent years.

In stark contrast to the lackluster and pathetic showing by the Antifa protesters, conservatives were out in full force. As the event unfolded, Planned Parenthood even made an appearance, attempting to gather donations. However, they were met with vehement rejections as almost every person they asked for money said no.

It’s clear that Miami has become a Republican stronghold. The leftists can only dream of drawing the kind of crowds that President Trump commands in one of the most liberal cities in America. While liberals continue to twist and turn in their obsession with bringing down the President, patriotic conservatives continue to stand in solidarity, ready to fight for the future of America.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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