Mehdi Hasan’s MSNBC Meltdown: The Left Loses a Loudmouth!

Good riddance, Mehdi Hasan! The left-wing feather-ruffler is bidding adieu to MSNBC, leaving behind his gig as a political pundit. The network had originally planned to keep Hasan on as a contributor after the cancellation of his show, but now he’s making a dramatic exit.

During Hasan’s final show, he waxed poetic about his departure, spouting off about elections, wars, and Trump trials. He blabbered on and on, making a big show of leaving, as if anyone will really miss his biased babbling.

MSNBC had already decided to shake up their weekend lineup due to tanking ratings, and Hasan’s show got the axe. Liberal snowflakes threw a hissy fit, claiming that Hasan was being let go because he was too sympathetic to Palestinians. Oh please, give us a break. It’s about time Hasan and his leftist laments hit the road.

So, good riddance, Mehdi Hasan! Don’t let the studio door hit you on the way out!

Written by Staff Reports

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