New Study Confirms: Democrat Support for Violence Skyrockets!

A new study from the University of Chicago confirms what conservatives have suspected all along – Democrats’ support for violence is on the rise. While both ends of the political spectrum may occasionally get worked up, the study reveals that the prevalence of support for violence and coercion comes predominantly from liberal Democrats. This comes as no surprise, as we have witnessed their temper tantrums and refusal to accept any outcome that doesn’t align with their own beliefs.

According to the study, public support for the use of force to coerce members of Congress doubled from just nine percent in January of 2023 to 17 percent in June of 2023. The most significant increase was among Democrats, with their support for the use of force growing from seven percent to 16 percent during the same period. It’s no coincidence that this growing anger coincides with the rise of Republican power and proceedings in the House of Representatives. It seems that Democrats can’t handle being on the losing side.

It’s worth noting that Republicans and Independents are not entirely free from blame when it comes to supporting the use of force, but their rates pale in comparison to the Democrats. Republicans’ approval rose by six percent, while Independents’ rose by eight percent. However, only seven percent of those surveyed supported the use of force to restore former President Donald Trump, showing that Republicans are far more measured and reasonable in their outlook.

The study suggests that the Democrats’ desire to restore the federal right to abortion and their dissatisfaction with Republican conservative control of the court are driving factors behind their penchant for violence and coercion. This is concerning, as it highlights the Democrats’ willingness to use any means necessary to achieve their ideological goals, disregarding the rule of law and the principles of democracy.

The study was conducted by a self-described “liberal Republican” named Robert Pape, who described the state of the country as undergoing “radicalization.” While Pape may have hoped that indictments against Trump would decrease support for the former president, he seems to have underestimated the resilience and popularity of Trump. If radicalization means increased support for Trump and his policies, then so be it. Democrats must realize that their constant attacks on Trump and his supporters only strengthen their resolve.

Furthermore, while Democrats often label conservative groups like the Oathkeepers and the Proud Boys as terrorists, they conveniently turn a blind eye to left-wing groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. These groups have been involved in widespread violence and unrest, most notably seen during the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Despite the evidence of violence committed by Antifa, Democrats like Rep. Jerry Nadler continue to deny its existence, calling it a “myth.” This willful blindness to the violence committed by their own supporters is disheartening and reveals a double standard in their approach to confronting extremism.

As we enter a new presidential election cycle, Republicans must remain vigilant and prepared for more violent and coercive tactics from the Democrats. It’s clear that for them, the ends justify the means, and they will stop at nothing to regain power. Conservatives must continue to highlight the dangerous path the Democrats are taking and offer a strong alternative that upholds the principles of liberty and justice for all.

Written by Staff Reports

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