Newsom Slams Fox News, Yet Can’t Stop Watching

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the self-proclaimed master of reality checks, has taken aim at conservative media, branding it as “bullsh*t and misinformation.” In a colorful interview with Semafor, Newsom lamented the influence of outlets like Fox News, describing them as a never-ending “doom loop.” While acknowledging that he probably won’t change any minds at Fox, the governor called on fellow Democrats to find ways to penetrate the conservative media ecosystem with their own narratives. According to Newsom, the key is to be relentless and go on offense 24/7 – after all, the truth knows no curfew.

Interestingly, Newsom is no stranger to the conservative media scene. He’s rubbed shoulders with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, appearing on his show right after a GOP presidential debate. Last summer, the governor even joined former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform to combat Republican lies. Though Newsom hasn’t posted anything for seven months, his last truth bomb aimed to expose information that “Fox and the GOP don’t want you to know.” In another daring move, Newsom has agreed to a “red vs. blue state” debate with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, which will be moderated by none other than Hannity himself. Talk about stepping into the lion’s den.

As it turns out, Newsom started consuming conservative media in 2021 when Republicans threatened to remove him as governor. According to him, that was a wake-up call that jolted him out of his slumber. He dived headfirst into the conservative media maelstrom, seeking to understand it better and emerge as a “different guy.” Newsom admitted to briefly enjoying the insights of Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, whom he considered a “good, conservative, comedic and insightful voice.” Unfortunately, Gutfeld, like many others in Newsom’s eyes, fell victim to the trap of demonization and personalization.

In his quest to combat the right-wing media machine, Newsom believes in a counteroffensive from Democrats. He regularly makes guest appearances on conservative shows, undeterred by the inevitable flak he receives from his own party. His reasoning? There are “good” and “persuadable folks” still watching Fox, including plenty of independents and even Democrats. Newsom continues engaging with them because he understands the importance of reaching across the aisle. So, if you ever catch Newsom raising an eyebrow at you for watching Fox, just remember, he’s secretly cheering you on.

In conclusion, Newsom’s fiery crusade against conservative media showcases his determination to inject some reality into their narrative. Whether it’s sitting down with Hannity, joining Truth Social, or debating DeSantis, the governor is adamant about using every opportunity to challenge the misconceptions and falsehoods propagated by right-wing outlets. While it remains a daunting task, Newsom is unyielding in his pursuit and believes that Democrats can’t afford to ignore or dismiss conservative media. So, brace yourselves, folks. The battle for truth and reality has only just begun.

Written by Staff Reports

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