Newsom’s Twitter Meltdown: Blames DeSantis for Migrant “Kidnapping Plot”

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s displeasure was on full display over the transportation of 36 migrants from the Texas border to Sacramento, California. It was reported that two flights carrying migrants from Venezuela and Colombia arrived in the capitol of California, allegedly arranged by DeSantis’ state of Florida. Newsom, being the petty and weak governor that he is, took to Twitter to publicly accuse Governor Ron DeSantis of orchestrating the event as a political stunt and even threatened him with kidnapping charges. “Ron DeSantis you small, pathetic man. This isn’t Martha’s Vineyard… Kidnapping charges?” – Newsom wrote.

California’s Attorney General Rob Bonta said that his office is investigating whether what happened was illegal and that kidnapping charges were among the potential crimes being considered. It is believed that this incident is connected to a broader migrant relocation program in Florida. Governor DeSantis has made the issue of migrants a key part of his administration’s policy.

Earlier this year, Governor DeSantis signed a bill into law to expand a state program that relocates migrants from anywhere in the country to Democratic-led cities. This isn’t the first time that Republican governors have played such pranks on blue states. In early May, just hours before the expected lifting of Title 42, a group of over 30 migrants arrived at Kamala Harris’ front lawn in northwest Washington, D.C. This was one of the first buses to arrive from the Texas border in months. The migrants included women and children on a chartered bus from Texas. The Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, previously pledged to continue transporting migrants to Democratic cities, holding the Biden administration responsible for what he considers an overwhelming influx of migrants. Furthermore, Arizona has also been coordinating with local D.C. officials to bus migrants to Washington.

In conclusion, this is just another example of hypocritical Democrats like Governor Newsom accusing Republicans of playing political games and yet are too scared to take responsibility for their own actions. Instead of taking care of their own problems within their states, they look to play the blame game and cry foul on their political rivals. Governor DeSantis is doing his job by protecting his state and the citizens within it while Newsom has failed his people time and time again. We need to demand better leadership from our elected officials, not those who throw temper tantrums on social media.

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