Nevada Governor Fights Hypocrisy: Special Session to Fix Legislature’s Mess!

In response to the failure of the Nevada legislature to complete its constitutionally mandated work, Governor Lombardo called for a special session to address the issue. Legislators broke the constitution for over twenty minutes, and even though they gave themselves an ovation, the governor refused to let it slide.

In Nevada, the Governor is known for his bold action and determination to get his goals accomplished. The special session of the Legislature will be held to address the issues that voters have asked him to address. Some of the topics that are expected to be discussed include school choice, the funding of the Oakland A's stadium and relocation, and a film tax credit.

Governor Joergolo will call for a special legislative session to address the failure of the Capital Improvements bill, which would have renewed the state's property tax. The bill needed to pass in order to receive a two-thirds majority. Unfortunately, the Senate's 12-9 vote did not meet that threshold.

The main opposition to the bill was from Republicans, who used their majority to block it through SB 341 and AB 525, which gave taxpayer money to favored groups. Heidi Seevers Gansert, the Senate Minority Leader, noted that these pork bills contained more lard and bacon than the products of Farmer John's.

On Monday, Governor Joe Lombardo vetoed two bills. One of these would have allowed patients to legally end their lives, while the other would have restricted the prescription drugs available to them. Despite the issues that he faced, the citizens of Nevada can rest assured that the governor will not let them down. As the special session of the Legislature begins, the agenda is not clear, but the Republican governor will continue to fight for the people of Nevada.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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