Biden’s Bizarre Blunders: Dodges Questions, Becomes Golf League?

During a Cabinet meeting, reporters asked several questions about the Ukraine dam incident to Joe Biden, who seemed confused by their questions. When he was asked what message he would give Russia regarding the incident, he said that the US would help Ukraine. Some of them also wondered if he was admitting the US was in the country.

When asked why he didn't make a public statement on the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, Biden noted that it was an important historical event for the country. He then said that he was planning on becoming a professional golf player.

Does he mean he's a member of a golf league or is he using a new pronoun? The bigger question is whether or not he understood what he was being asked. Last year, he forgot to post anything about D-Day for the second year in a row. Then, on May 31, he issued a proclamation celebrating Pride Month.

Aside from Biden's answers to the reporters, other strange occurrences occurred during the meeting. John Kirby, the White House's spokesperson, was asked about the administration's concerns regarding the proposed merger between the LIV and PGA golf groups.

When the reporters asked about the Saudi government's takeover of the professional golf industry, Biden said that the US would let them speak. This is a clear indication that the Biden team doesn't think it's worth talking about the issue. It's a worrying sign because this means that the vice president has completely abandoned his principles regarding the issue. He only cares about keeping the Saudis from cutting off oil supplies.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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