NY Judge Overturns Ban on Transgender Athletes in Sports

A judge in New York overruled a ban that stopped transgender athletes from playing in women’s sports in Nassau County. The ban was put in place by County Executive Bruce Blakeman, but Justice Francis Ricigliano lifted it because he believed it was not within Blakeman’s power to make such a decision.

Conservative views often oppose transgender athletes competing in women’s sports. They argue that it gives biological males an unfair advantage over biological females. This ruling might disappoint those who share this viewpoint, as it allows transgender athletes to participate based on their gender identity. 


The New York Civil Liberties Union sued to challenge the ban on behalf of a women’s roller derby league called the Long Island Roller Rebels. The league president, Curly Fry, expressed relief that they can continue to include transgender women in their competitions.

County Executive Blakeman criticized the judge’s decision, calling it a lack of courage and suggesting that girls and women in sports will be negatively impacted. This reflects a common concern among conservatives about the implications of allowing transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports.

The clash over transgender athletes in sports is not limited to New York. Conservative lawmakers in Alaska, for example, have also taken steps to prevent transgender girls from participating in high school sports designated for females. The debate surrounding transgender athletes continues to be a contentious issue across the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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