Orbán’s Call to Arms: Bring Back Trump to Make America Great Again!

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, delivered a stirring speech at the Conservative Political Action Committee of Hungary. Orbán called for the United States to make a wise decision and elect former President Donald Trump again. “Mr. President, come back, make American great again, bring us peace again,” he said, as the crowd erupted in applause.

Orbán, the leader of the nation’s Hungarian Civic Alliance party, is a brilliant conservative populist who has previously condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, even though he refused to send aid to Kyiv. He has, however, continued to deal with Russia on matters of energy resources for Hungary. This ambivalent stance has made Orbán an icon in Europe who doesn’t promote the continent’s isolationist policies towards Russia.

Orbán has also been critical of Ukraine, and he dashed away the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO last month. The Hungarian prime minister appears to be hedging his bets, though, as he sent allies to confer with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, projected to challenge Trump for the Republican nomination. Katalin Novák, the Hungarian president, and a close associate of Orbán, met with DeSantis in March, as did Hungarian-born billionaire Thomas Péterffy, who said he wouldn’t be endorsing a Trump 2024 campaign.

The Hungarian Prime Minister firmly believes that a war between Ukraine and Russia would not have happened if Trump was still in the White House. And Orbán is correct. America under Trump stood for world peace, prosperity, and security. The world knows that Joe Biden’s foreign policy and his pandering to China have weakened America’s position on the global stage. Joe Biden’s election to the presidency of the United States was a disastrous move that undid all the good work that Trump had put in place.

The Trump administration stood for America first, building a powerful economy that supported its people and secured the country’s domestic and international interests. Orbán believes America needs Trump back in the White House to regain its former glory. The Hungarian Prime Minister’s voice of reason must resonate with all Americans, and they must realize the error of not electing Donald Trump for another term.

Written by Staff Reports

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