BREAKING: Patriotic Proud Boys leaders convicted in bogus conspiracy case

A federal court in Washington, D.C. on Friday found four members of the far-right group Proud Boys guilty of participating in an attack on the US Capitol building in January. Among those who were convicted were the group's former leader, who was a supporter of President Donald Trump.

The four men were charged with sedition for their alleged role in preventing the former president from leaving office following the contentious and corrupt 2020 election. Although the government was able to prove that the Proud Boys were part of a conspiracy, it was not able to show that they were working together with Trump. Also, no explanation was provided for how the group planned to take over the government or hold onto power.

The defendants, who include Joseph Biggs, Tarrio, Rehl, and Nordean, face up to 10 years in prison after being found guilty of sedition. This charge is rarely used, and it stems from the Union's efforts to protect the country from secessionists during the Civil War.

The trial,which was the last of three sedition cases brought against individuals connected to the incident, lasted for over three months. It was marred by various delays and conflicts between the prosecutors and the defense. In addition, the judge, Timothy Kelly, made several rulings that affected the case.

Through the judge's rulings, prosecutors were able to present evidence about the violent and threatening behavior of the members of the Proud Boys. However, he allowed the jurors to find the group guilty of conspiracy even if they were not able to prove that they planned to disrupt the election.

The verdict delivered against the members of the Proud Boys was a stunning blow to the country's democracy. It highlighted the government's use of sedition charges against those who peacefully dissent. The verdict also highlights how the Deep State uses the judicial system to punish those who do not share its political views. Fortunately, the group's leaders can still rely on their supporters to stand up to the dictatorship.

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