Our Revolution Sabotages Biden in MI: Vote Uncommitted!

A progressive group called Our Revolution is up to some sneaky business in Michigan. They’re trying to mess with the Democratic primary by urging people to vote “uncommitted” and stick it to President Joe Biden. Why? Well, because they’re not happy with Biden’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict. Can you believe it?

The group, which was started by Sen. Bernie Sanders, is sending out a whopping 87,000 emails to people in Michigan and 225,000 emails to folks in other states, all in an effort to pressure Biden to change his mind about Gaza. They’re hoping to shake things up and send a message – but really, they’re just causing a big old fuss.

Former Democratic Rep. Andy Levin is in on it too. He’s warning Biden that if he doesn’t switch gears on the war, he’s going to lose some votes. Levin is even working with people who say they’ll never vote for Biden, but he’s hoping that the threat of losing more votes will make Biden reconsider his position. And get this – since Michigan has a pretty big Muslim population, even though it’s only 2%, their votes could actually make a difference in a close race.

Larry Cohen, the big boss of Our Revolution, is hoping to get at least 10% of the voters to go undecided. And with no major competition for Biden in the primary, that could really mess things up for him. They’re trying to make Biden think twice about his support for Israel.

Apparently, progressive Democrats and Muslims in the U.S. are all riled up about Biden’s pro-Israel stance. They’re so mad that they’re threatening to hold back their votes in 2024 if he doesn’t change his tune. This Our Revolution group is just the beginning of what could be a whole bunch of drama in the coming years. And can you believe that a poll found that only 17% of Arab Americans are planning to vote for Biden? They were all about him in 2020, but not anymore. They’re not happy campers.

So, there you have it. Our Revolution is stirring the pot, and Biden better watch out. These folks are serious about getting their way, and they’re not afraid to cause a ruckus to do it.

Written by Staff Reports

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