Outrage! KC Star Hides Parade Shooters’ Mugshots, Fear of High-Profile Crime Exposure?

In a shockingly disturbing turn of events, two suspects have been charged in connection with the tragic shooting that took place during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade. The incident resulted in the senseless death of a woman and left 22 others injured, including 12 children. As if the gravity of the situation wasn’t already hitting hard, two juveniles were also involved in the chaos, but their identities remain undisclosed due to their age.

The accused shooters, Dominic M. Miller and Lyndell Mays, face serious charges including second-degree murder and armed criminal action. With such heinous crimes at play, it’s bewildering to hear that a certain news outlet, the Kansas City Star, decided to hold back on publishing the booking photos of these suspects. What’s the deal there, Star?

It seems the Star tried to justify their delay by claiming they only publish mugshots for the “highest profile of crimes.” Excuse me? Isn’t a mass shooting during a Super Bowl victory parade with fatalities and numerous injuries considered a high-profile crime? It sounds like the Star’s priorities are a bit mixed up, to say the least. Perhaps they should reconsider their stance on withholding vital public information.

The lack of transparency in this case is not sitting well with many, especially considering the public’s right to know about such grave incidents. It’s crucial for the media to responsibly report on crimes of this magnitude, not tiptoe around mugshots and details that could aid in understanding and preventing future atrocities. Come on, Star, get your act together and prioritize truth over arbitrary guidelines.

It’s essential to call out these instances of negligence and questionable decision-making. The victims and their families deserve justice and accountability, not flimsy excuses and half-baked explanations. It’s time for the Kansas City Star to step up and do their duty in shedding light on the darkness of crime, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

Written by Staff Reports

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