Pay Back Your Own Loans, Not on the Backs of Taxpayers!

Once upon a time, taking out a loan meant you understood the gravity of borrowing money. It meant you acknowledged that the funds had to be repaid, and it was your duty to fulfill that obligation. But now, it seems like some people think their debts should be everyone else's problem.

We all know the story: folks take out massive loans for college, racking up tens of thousands in debt for degrees that might not even land them a job. Then, instead of buckling down and paying it back, they cry for help from the government. Spoiler alert: the government doesn't have its own money. It uses OUR money – the hardworking taxpayers' money.

Imagine taking out a loan and then knocking on your neighbor's door, asking them to pay it back for you. Ridiculous, right? But that's exactly what's happening on a grand scale. People are demanding that their student loans be forgiven, which really means transferring the debt to taxpayers who had no part in the decision-making process.

If you borrow money, it's your responsibility to pay it back. It's as simple as that. Passing the buck to taxpayers who are already burdened with their own financial responsibilities is unfair and irresponsible. Personal responsibility isn't just a catchphrase; it's the backbone of a functioning society.

Written by Staff Reports

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