Pence Blamed for Biden Win: Flounders as Ex-VP in Hot Seat at Iowa Rally

Former Vice President Mike Pence found himself in the hot seat when a voter decided to blame him for President Joe Biden’s victory. It all went down at a rally in Sioux City, Iowa, where a woman confronted Pence and went on a rant about how if it weren’t for his vote to certify the election results, Biden wouldn’t be in the White House.

Now, let’s just pause right there for a second. Blaming Pence for Biden’s election? Talk about a wild theory! It’s like blaming your neighbor’s dog for eating your homework. Ridiculous! But apparently, this voter was convinced that Pence had some magical power to single-handedly change the outcome of an election. Bless her heart.

Well, old Pencey wasn’t about to take the blame. He stood his ground and explained that his role was to oversee the congressional session, not play magician with the votes. He even had the audacity to bring up the Constitution! You know, that pesky thing that leftists conveniently forget about when it doesn’t suit their agenda?

But here’s where Pence went off the rails. He threw his former boss, President Donald Trump, under the bus yet again. Oh, Mike, when will you learn? You’re not winning any points with the conservative base by bashing the man who gave you the opportunity of a lifetime.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Trending Politics dropped some serious knowledge bombs on Pence. They reminded everyone that past vice presidents like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had indeed used their authority to resolve disputed elections. So, Pence can’t just brush off his responsibilities like a pile of dust bunnies under the bed. Sorry, Mike, truth hurts.

Now, let’s talk about Pence’s chances in the upcoming election. Spoiler alert: they’re not looking too good. He’s been lagging behind Trump in the polls by a mile. And can we really blame the voters? After all, who wants a candidate who can’t even take a stand and defend his actions when the going gets tough? Certainly not conservatives who are looking for a strong leader to fight for their principles.

So, Mike, maybe it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’ve got what it takes to win over the hearts of conservatives. Because as of now, it seems like you’re just another player in the never-ending circus of politics. And trust me, we’re all tired of the clowns. Time to step up or step aside, my friend.

Written by Staff Reports

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