Pentagon Builds $320M Gaza Pier, Weather Delays Setup

The Pentagon finished building a humanitarian pier near the Gaza Strip. It cost at least $320 million. But, because of bad weather, they couldn’t move the pier to the right spot yet. A Pentagon spokesperson said that the floating pier and Trident pier were done and just needed to be moved offshore. They mentioned that strong winds and big sea waves were making it dangerous to move the pier parts. So, everything is staying at the port of Ashdod for now. They plan to move it “soon.”

The construction had to stop before because of bad weather. The U.S. military was worried about the safety of their workers. Also, on April 25, the construction site got attacked by terrorists. President Joe Biden announced the pier plans on April 7. It was to send more aid to Gaza. The United Nations said many people in Gaza were at risk of not having enough food. But, American officials said U.S. soldiers wouldn’t need to be there. The Israeli military would handle security instead.

In conservative opinion, it’s good the Pentagon is helping with humanitarian aid. But, it’s important to make sure our military stays safe. The United States should always put their soldiers first. It’s concerning that terrorists attacked the construction site. This shows the importance of having a strong military to protect our country and our allies. Providing aid is noble, but we must always remember to prioritize national security above all else.

Written by Staff Reports

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