Pentagon Hides Secretary Austin’s Mysterious Hospitalization. What Are They Trying to Cover Up?

The Pentagon finds itself once again in the hot seat as questions arise about Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s recent hospitalization. This time, it’s not just about his health, but also about transparency and accountability. According to a newly disclosed audio recording of a 911 call, an aide to Secretary Austin requested the ambulance to avoid attracting attention. Now, the Pentagon is deflecting questions and refusing to release the full details of their internal review.

It’s baffling how Secretary Austin and his team thought they could keep his hospitalization a secret in this day and age. Did they really think no one would find out? It’s almost comical how they tried to be “subtle” by asking the ambulance not to use lights and sirens. Sorry, but when you’re the Secretary of Defense, you can’t just quietly slip away without informing the public or even your deputy.

What’s even more concerning is that the Pentagon is not committing to disclosing the results of their internal review. Are they afraid of what they might find? It’s clear that there was a breakdown in communication, but they seem reluctant to take full responsibility for it. It’s a classic case of government bureaucrats trying to sweep their mistakes under the rug.

The fact that this 911 call was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request raises additional questions. Why wouldn’t the Pentagon voluntarily release this information? What else are they hiding? It’s essential for the American public to have access to all the facts, especially when it involves a high-ranking government official like Secretary Austin.

Ironically, the Pentagon announced an internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding Austin’s disappearance, claiming it was to ensure clarity and transparency. Yet, they refuse to be transparent about the investigation itself. It’s like saying, “Trust us, we’ll be transparent, but we won’t actually show you anything.” This kind of hypocrisy is exactly why people don’t trust the government.

It’s time for Secretary Austin and the Pentagon to own up to their mistakes, be transparent about the internal review, and restore the public’s faith in their leadership. We deserve to know the truth and to hold them accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, it seems like they’re more interested in hiding the truth than facing the consequences.

Written by Staff Reports

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