Peppa Pig Pushes Pride Agenda: Parents Furious, Ready to Fight Back

The UK’s Peppa Pig cartoon character has raised the ire of parents after wishing children a “Happy Pride Month.” This is just another example of the radical left trying to indoctrinate children with their alternative lifestyle beliefs. While adults have the right to love whomever they choose, the responsibility for a child’s upbringing lies with their parents. The left’s obsession with programming our children with their own beliefs is hypocritical and dangerous. Their belief that children belong to them is reflected in Peppa Pig’s official Instagram account, which shared a rainbow flag and “Happy Pride Month” message. Naturally, many parents were offended that the popular children’s series is promoting anything other than “kid things.” The left is determined to brainwash our children, lock, stock, and rainbow flag-draped barrel.

Meanwhile, in America, the ongoing boycotts against companies indulging in the woke culture are beginning to show powerful results. Bud Light and Target, for example, have experienced catastrophic declines in market capitalization after promoting their ill-advised “Pride” collections. Boycotts can only be effective if boycotters have easy access to like-products, and if they inflict visible damages on boycott companies. The decline of these companies is like blood in the water to sharks. As for Peppa Pig, only time will tell if this controversy leads to a decline in popularity.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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