Poll: Majority Of Voters See Biden-China Conflict Of Interest

A new survey has shown that most voters think that President Joe Biden's response to China's aggressive actions is influenced by his personal interests. The Conventions of States Action/Trafalgar poll, which gathered responses from 1,082 people, found that 57.2% of the participants believe that the Biden family's business connections with China create a conflict of interest for the US when dealing with Chinese aggression. Moreover, 57.6% of those polled feel that the Biden administration needs to take a stronger stance in leading an international effort to curb China's actions.

The outcome of the poll has sparked significant doubts regarding the Biden family's association with China and whether the President prioritizes the safety and welfare of the country. Republican Representative James Comer of Kentucky has voiced apprehension over the ties between the Biden family and China. He stated that "many Americans would be astounded to learn about the extent of the Biden family's connections to individuals linked directly with the Chinese Communist Party."

No official response has been received from the White House regarding the poll. However, State Department Spokesman Ned Price stated that the Biden administration's approach is not to constrain the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Instead, the administration aims to outperform China in various domains. On the other hand, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized President Biden for taking several days to respond to the entry of Chinese balloons into US airspace.

It is clear that President Biden is not taking the threat of Chinese aggression seriously, and is instead prioritizing his family’s business interests over the safety of our nation. The poll results are a stark reminder that we need a president who will put America first and take a firm stance against Chinese aggression. We cannot afford to have a president who is too afraid to stand up to China due to potential conflicts of interest. It is time for President Biden to take a stand and protect our nation from any further threats from China.

Written by Staff Reports

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