PRO-CHOICE WOMEN: Matt Gaetz Makes a Hilarious Remark

Rep. Matt Gaetz, a member of the America First Party and a Republican legislator, caused liberals to scratch their heads earlier this week when he offered some insightful and amusing observations about the types of women who normally take part in pro-abortion demonstrations.

Roe v. Wade was recently overturned by the Supreme Court, which gave individual states the authority to determine the legality of abortion procedures within their borders and sparked outrage among left-leaning women. The pro-abortion demonstrations that took place around the country have been captured on video in a number of different cities, and they all appear to share a common thread.

At these demonstrations, the ladies who are holding signs and yelling obscenities at each other tend to be overweight, unattractive, or a combination of the two. The stereotypical image of a woman who supports abortion is one of a large-bodied gender goblin with brilliantly colored hair, awkward-looking spectacles, and an aura of self-assurance that doesn't line up with their physical appearance.

Regardless of whether you agree with Matt Gaetz or not, you have to admit that he is being quite forthright about the types of women that are rallying against abortion. The evidence can easily be understood by anyone:

On Saturday, Gaetz remarked that women who support abortion need not worry about having access to abortion since they are ugly and no male wants to impregnate them anyhow, which is true! Gaetz's statement was met with widespread backlash.

The Florida Republican made an interesting statement about abortion-loving women while speaking at a TPUSA event that also featured Governor Ron DeSantis and President Donald Trump. The point seemed to resonate with the young conservative crowd in attendance at the event.

Why is it that the women who have the smallest chance of conceiving a child are the ones who are most concerned about having abortions?  Gaetz asked.

When a reporter questioned Gaetz on Monday about his statement, he elaborated further on his previous comments.

"Be offended," he commanded.

Many people have observed that pro-abortion activists appear to lack consideration for their own health despite their great size, but this disregard for their own health disappears when it comes to the topic of killing their unborn children.

The political left is responsible for some of the ugliest inventions known to man, and this includes all of the species that are found in the animal kingdom. It appears that these elephants with their blue hair and record-high BMIs are under the delusion that average men find them beautiful in any way, which seems to be on par with the fantasy planet that leftists tend to occupy.

While individuals who are truly normal sit back and giggle, the aesthetically offensive left continues to eat its way through American civilization.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Examiner News.

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