Psaki Spews Anti-Trump Tirade, Patriots Unfazed!

The liberal leftist Ms. Psaki, who can’t resist a chance to bash former President Trump and true American patriot Mike Johnson, used her show Sunday to launch a full-on attack. She aired her liberal lunacy by spouting off about a potential partnership between the two champions of the Right, going so far as to compare their “goals” and claim they’re out to “root out dissent and the other.”

In her typical liberal fashion, Psaki rambled on about how both Johnson and Trump supposedly talk about America in a negative tone, but we all know they’re just keeping it real and not shying away from the truth. What’s wrong with calling out sin and vermin when you see it? But of course, Psaki spins it as some dark authoritarian movie that no one “needs in this country.” As if we’re all just dying to watch her leftist theatrics!

And if that wasn’t enough, she then tried to psychoanalyze the motivations of these two great American leaders, claiming Trump is all about “self-preservation” and Johnson is just following his “biblical calling.” The nerve of this woman! As if she has any clue what motivates these two titans of conservatism.

Then to add insult to injury, she asked, “How can Democrats make the argument that Trump and Johnson’s anti-democratic vision of America is not the way forward?” Well, I’ll tell you how, Psaki – they can’t! Because Trump and Johnson represent the true American vision of freedom, democracy, and traditional values, not the left’s radical socialist agenda!

Later in the show, she had the audacity to air a pre-recorded interview with Gov. JB Pritzker, who naturally spewed more anti-Trump rhetoric, calling the former president “dangerous for our democracy.” These liberal elites just can’t stop with their fearmongering and baseless accusations against the man who truly made America great again.

With the left’s constant attacks and propaganda, it’s no wonder they’re already gearing up for another showdown in 2024. Of course, Trump is leading the pack of Republican candidates, with the latest poll showing him ahead at 46%, while President Biden is lagging behind at 44%. It’s clear that the American people are still standing strong with Trump, despite the left’s relentless smear campaign.

In the end, Psaki and her ilk can keep spewing their leftist venom, but true patriots know the truth. We’re not falling for their twisted narrative, and come 2024, we’ll make sure to put America back on the right track with President Trump leading the way!

Written by Staff Reports

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