Sore Loser Counsel Jack Smith Whines for Gag Order on Trump

The uppity special counsel, Jack Smith, had the gall to compare himself to a “saint” when he whined about former President Trump’s perfectly justified criticisms in court. Smith’s self-righteous office even had the nerve to demand that a court shut Trump up after he called out Smith and his family in a speech. Talk about thin skin!

Smith had the audacity to cite some ancient English king’s remarks as an excuse for his delicate feelings. It’s like he thinks he’s some kind of martyr, comparing himself to Saint Thomas Becket, who was killed because of his feud with King Henry II. It’s just as ridiculous as Joe Biden comparing himself to the little girls he’s known for sniffing. Talk about delusional!

Even though Trump never actually called for any violence, Smith had the nerve to claim that Trump’s words could be “dangerous.” Give me a break! It’s just more of the same from the left – always trying to silence anyone who dares to criticize them.

And let’s not forget that the gag order on Trump, imposed by Judge Tanya Chutkan, is still pending appeal. The left has been trying to shut Trump down since day one, and it’s only a matter of time before he takes back the White House. They can’t handle the truth, but the truth will prevail!

Written by Staff Reports

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