Rand Paul Slams New Mandates: ‘Illogical & Unscientific Power Grab’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is not holding back when it comes to expressing his thoughts on mask and vaccine mandates. He called it a “tragedy” during his appearance on Jesse Watters Primetime. According to Paul, the liberal commentators who are stirring up “hysteria” are only doing it for financial gain. He believes that they are promoting a product that they make money from, all while defying logic, science, and common sense.

The news of renewed mask mandates at Morris Brown College in Atlanta and vaccine mandates at around 100 colleges across the country did not sit well with Paul. He pointed out that Rutgers University has even threatened to disenroll students who do not comply with the vaccine mandate. However, Paul questions the necessity of these mandates, especially when there have been zero cases at certain universities and the death rate for young, healthy people has been close to zero. He argues that it is a crime to mandate masks and vaccines, as they come with risks for young, healthy individuals.

Paul is outraged by the return of these mandates and argues that those enforcing them have no shame. He predicts that if sweeping mandates continue to rise, there will be resistance from the people. He vows to fight back and expose those who are making money off of these mandates and generating hysteria.

It’s clear that Sen. Rand Paul strongly opposes mask and vaccine mandates. He believes they are unnecessary and driven by financial incentives rather than scientific evidence. However, it remains to be seen if his resistance will be enough to prevent or change these mandates in the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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