REPORT: Pentagon HID Crucial Chinese Spy Info From Trump Admin

Waltz: Pentagon May Have Withheld Info on Chinese Balloons From Trump for Being ‘Too Aggressive’

Many Republicans, including Donald Trump, called for the U.S. to shoot down a suspected spy balloon from China. The incident was blamed on the Biden administration.

A Chinese spy balloon was shot down on Saturday as it was flying over South Carolina. It had been carrying out surveillance activities over various facilities, such as military bases and nuclear silos.

Trump allegedly asked the Pentagon for information about the suspected Chinese spy balloons, but it might have been withheld due to his "provocative and aggressive behavior."

The Pentagon initially claimed that the balloons were not flying near Florida or Texas. However, Mike Waltz noted that these were true.

During an interview with Fox News' Stuart Varney, Waltz criticized the Biden administration for orchestrating a misleading campaign against China.

Rep. Waltz also asked the Trump administration if it had given the green light to shoot down the Chinese spy balloons.

Some of the officials who previously worked for Trump claimed that they were not informed about the suspected Chinese planes flying over the US. They said that Trump was too aggressive.

Over the weekend, Trump claimed that the reports about the incident involving the Chinese planes flying over the U.S. were fabricated. He noted that the reports were made by the Biden administration.

When he was the Defense Secretary in July 2019, Mark Esper said that he was surprised by reports about the alleged Chinese planes flying near the US. He said he had no idea there were planes in the air at that time.

He was then asked about the incident by Florida Congressman Lou Barletta. According to the Republican from Florida, the alleged Chinese planes were flying over the US during his time in office.

The spokesperson for the Biden Administration noted that the incident only came to light after Trump left the presidency. They would not provide further details regarding the incident.

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