REPORT: Republicans Digging Into Hunter Biden’s Art Sale Records

The Republican-led House Oversight and Government Accountability Committee is continuing its investigation into Hunter Biden’s art sales, with Chairman James Comer of Kentucky demanding documents from the Georges Bergès Gallery in lower Manhattan. The Committee is also requesting that the gallery’s owner, Georges Bergès, sit for a transcribed interview.

The Committee has made a request following the disclosure that Hunter Biden sold paintings at prices as high as $500,000, despite his artistic work being criticized by some. The revelation has triggered concerns about ethics since the confidentiality policy implemented by the White House to prevent the sale of influence makes it impossible for the public to know who may be purchasing access to the Biden family.

For years, Hunter Biden's financial background has sparked controversy due to his involvement in several business dealings with Burisma Holdings and an energy company linked to the Chinese government. He is presently under investigation in the Federal District of Delaware for his tax payment shortcomings. Furthermore, according to reports from federal officials, there is sufficient evidence to indict Biden for falsifying information on a 2018 firearm permit application.

The Committee’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s art sales is an important step in uncovering any potential corruption or money laundering that could be taking place. It is concerning that Hunter Biden is able to sell his artwork for such high prices without any transparency regarding who is buying it. This lack of transparency could be used by foreign adversaries to launder money and evade sanctions imposed by the United States. It is essential that Georges Bergès cooperate with the Committee’s investigation and provide all requested information and appear for a transcribed interview.

The Biden family has long been accused of using their political influence for personal gain, and this investigation into Hunter Biden’s art sales is a necessary step in ensuring that no corruption or money laundering is taking place. It is time for the Biden family to be held accountable and for the truth to come out.

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