Democrats Dodge Important Meeting, Refuse to Solve Border Crisis

Once again, House Democrats are refusing to attend a hearing at the southern border, this time on the Homeland Security Committee. This transcends political differences and reveals the fact that they have no interest in solving the problems at the border or engaging in real solutions, and instead just want to play childish partisan politics.

House Judiciary Committee Democrats previously refused to attend a similar hearing in Yuma, Arizona in February of this year proving their lack of concern, but really what do we expect from Democrats? Democrats have also refused to fund border security and have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent key measures like a border wall from being put in place.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green (R-TN) lamented the Democrats’ refusal to attend the field hearing, pointing out that the only message they are sending is that they are not interested in tackling the problems at the border.

Frustrated Ranking Member Bennie Thompson (D-MS) tried to defend his party’s absence by blaming Republicans on the committee for trying to score political points.

The reality is, the Democrats’ dodging of the committee proceeding shows they have no plan or substance when it comes to solving the crisis at the border. It is crucial that they come to the table and engage in serious discussions so that real solutions can be found. This refusal to attend is a weak effort at political grandstanding and is preventing progress from being made.

Written by Staff Reports

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