RFK Jr. Slams Biden’s Regime for a Slew of Poor Choices!

During a town hall meeting with Sean Hannity, Robert Kennedy Jr., a Democratic presidential candidate, criticized the Biden administration for its poor decisions on various issues. He noted that these included the COVID-19 pandemic and the relationship with China and Russia. His comments made it clear that he would run for president in 2024 due to his disagreements with the current administration.

During the interview, Hannity showed a montage of Biden's various gaffes. Kennedy was asked if he thought the president was fit to lead the country, and he noted that the decisions made by the White House were not good. Although he didn't directly attack Biden, Kennedy made it clear that he didn't like how he made decisions.

During the interview, Kennedy claimed that he had been the first person subjected to censorship by Biden's administration, which happened within 48 hours after his inauguration. This accusation fueled his criticism of the current administration and added fuel to his plan to challenge Biden in the future.

It's clear that Kennedy doesn't like how the Biden administration is handling the country. He noted that he would like to challenge the president in 2024, and his refusal to criticize the current administration's decisions shows that he doesn't trust its leadership. His campaign will be interesting to watch, as he may not have the necessary support to challenge Biden.

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