RFK Jr. Vows to Crush “Surveillance State” & Protect Free Speech

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has promised to neutralize the ability of U.S. intelligence agencies to spy on American citizens. In a tweet, he accused the “surveillance state” of silencing dissent and whistleblowers. He pledged to end the prosecution of whistleblowers, rescind policies that allow spying on Americans, and replace officials who instruct tech companies to suspend users considered harmful to national interests.

RFK Jr., the nephew of President John F. Kennedy, has stated that Big Tech is attempting to silence users who criticize “forever wars” and “mass vaccination.” He has denounced mRNA vaccines and wants to protect Americans’ right to free speech.

Kennedy’s statements may be tapping into a potent frustration among Americans who are seeking to deny President Joe Biden his party’s nomination. Recent polls indicate that only a tiny percentage of Americans support government surveillance, with less than one-quarter allowing intelligence officials to intercept overseas phone calls and emails. An even smaller 14 and 17 percent support intercepting domestic phone calls and emails respectively. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq also have limited support, with only one-third of Americans believing that they were worth fighting.

As a political gadfly in his own party, Kennedy’s criticism of President Joe Biden has drawn scorn from establishment Democrats who remain deeply unpopular with large segments of their own party. Kennedy has challenged Biden to a debate and has called for campaign finance reform to end the “financial censorship of political enemies.”

When Russia accused Ukraine of sending drones to them in an assassination attempt of Vladimir Putin, the Biden administration distanced itself from this move calling it a provocation. However, Kennedy called it a “deranged attempt to escalate the war.” It’s clear from this that Kennedy takes a strong and principled stance in foreign affairs- one that rejects the failed policies of the past.

Written by Staff Reports

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