San Fran Spends $6M to Hide Crime Crisis from Wide-Eyed Tourists!

The liberal dystopia of San Francisco is in dire need of tourists, and the city has resorted to a new video ad campaign worth a whopping $6 million to lure them back to their dirty and crime-infested streets. The ad shows a polished image of the city and its landmarks such as Union Square, which has been marred by soaring crime rates, causing store closures. However, travelers beware, as the tourist-heavy Powell Street area is not what it once was.

The new campaign will run through multiple cities in the US, including New York, Boston, Chicago, Houston, and Washington, D.C. Moreover, it will extend beyond the US, including digital advertising in Canada, Mexico, the Asian Pacific region, Europe, and Australia. The campaign is expected to reach a whopping 193 million people. Last year, tourism spending almost doubled compared to 2021, which may have given the city’s officials the idea of an ad campaign.

As tourists returned to the city because major events like Dreamforce and the Outside Lands music festival made a comeback, high-profile crime incidents this year, and a string of retail closures, dampen San Francisco’s image as the bustling tourist hub it once was. The city is gradually floating into what residents are calling a “Zombie apocalypse.”

Residents and local business owners have spoken out about the city’s growing drug and crime issues. Seema Gokhale, a resident, described it as a “post-apocalyptic” city, like living in dystopia. The San Francisco Controller’s office reports that almost half of the city’s commercial sidewalks are covered in dog feces and human waste. Gokhale sees people defecating on the streets and drug addicts with needles tracks on their bodies and rotting limbs. This is what happens when progressive liberals and Democrats are in charge.

One security business owner in the city feels that families are changing their mindsets, and the leftist policies do not work. People are frustrated with rampant robbery, theft, and assault, and there is no law out on the streets. The Asian community is also realizing that this is eroding family values. It is high time San Francisco gets its act together and focuses on fixing its rampant crime, homelessness, and urban decay issues before luring in innocent tourists with deceiving ads.

Written by Staff Reports

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