Shocking: DOD leaks military records of GOP candidate

Former Colorado GOP Senate candidate, Robert "Eli" Bremer, was surprised to discover that the Air Force had released his military records without his knowledge or consent. This violation of privacy is just one example of a broader issue of the unauthorized disclosure of military records belonging to Republican candidates by the Defense Department.

Bremer has conveyed his apprehension and exasperation, stating, "I haven't received any notification from the Air Force. They haven't attempted to contact me or send any correspondence through my congressman." He presumes that the Air Force had no intention of informing him, and the only way he learned about the situation was when a journalist came across it in a congressional report.

Bremer is not the only one who is disturbed by this situation. Kevin Dellicker and Sam Peters, both former GOP House candidates, have also disclosed that their confidential records were released by the Air Force without their consent. Dellicker condemned this bold assault on military information systems and urged authorities to investigate the funding source behind these unlawful activities.

An Air Force audit has uncovered a repeated occurrence of errors wherein nine individuals' records were disclosed without permission to Due Diligence Group between 2021 and 2023. Out of these, seven disclosures had an impact on GOP candidates vying for office in 2022. Notably, during this period, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee paid over $172,000 to Due Diligence Group, and the DCCC paid the firm over $110,000.

The breach of privacy and violation of individual rights appears to be driven by political motives, and it is evident that the disclosed information is alarming enough to warrant a deeper inquiry. The fact that only the records of GOP candidates were leaked during a national election campaign is bound to raise suspicion and trigger additional scrutiny. This is a clear instance of Democrats attempting to gain an unjustified edge through unlawful tactics, and such behavior cannot be tolerated.

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