Biden Puts Politics Over People, Seizes Land and Jobs in Monument Designation

President Biden’s reckless exercise of authority under the Antiquities Act of 1906 has once again put partisan politics ahead of the interests of the American people. On Tuesday, Biden signed an executive order designating two new national monuments, the Avi Kwa Ame National Monument in Nevada and the Castner Range National Monument in El Paso, Texas. These designations fly in the face of the fact that these areas have been undergoing significant economic development and job creation efforts.

In the case of the Avi Kwa Ame National Monument, Biden claims that the 506,000-acre area is of spiritual significance to small indigenous tribes in the area, justifying the seizure of land and the disruption of job-creating projects. However, many are speculating that the real reason behind the designation is that the land is rich in rare earth minerals such as lithium, which are vital components of green energy technologies like electric vehicles. This designation is a blatant political move to pander to left-wing environmental interests while ignoring the economic needs of Americans.

The designation of these two new national monuments did not occur without opposition from the governors of the states in which they are situated. In Nevada, Governor Lombardo expressed his frustration with the administration’s “unilateral action,” claiming that the designation would cause “terminal disruption of rare earth mineral mining projects and long-planned, bipartisan economic development efforts.” Lombardo is right: this kind of top-down policy-making from Washington is not what America needs.

These latest designations are another reminder of why President Biden’s leadership style is so disastrous for Americans. By forcing his agenda on the American people without considering the consequences, President Biden is undermining the principles of democracy and ignoring the voices of those who elected him. It’s time for lawmakers to stand up to Biden’s undemocratic actions and put the interests of their constituents first.

Written by Staff Reports

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