AOC Attacks Parents Bill of Rights, Calls it “Fascism” in Latest Leftist Rant

The Squad’s resident extremist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, went on another unhinged rant on Thursday, attacking the much-needed proposed Parents Bill of Rights. The bill would ensure that parents and guardians are aware of their rights regarding their child’s education, and compliance with it would be required to receive federal education funds. But, as usual, AOC spewed her leftist propaganda and called it “fascism.”

While the bill aims to provide parents with the ability to review what their children are being taught, meet with teachers, review school budgets and library books, address the school board, and receive information on violent activity and their child’s reading proficiency, AOC thinks it’s an attack on American freedom. She even had the audacity to invoke the American Library Association as a source of opposition to this bill. But AOC needs to remember that the ALA is not an unbiased organization, as it has been accused of promoting left-leaning books over conservative ones.

AOC’s progressive value of “freedom over fascism” is nothing but empty rhetoric. The Parents Bill of Rights, if passed, would be a critical step to ensure that parents are involved in their children’s education, and that their voices are heard. The bill would also prohibit schools from selling student information, a rule that should be in place to safeguard students’ privacy.

In conclusion, AOC and her socialist comrades look for ways to control every aspect of American society. The Parents Bill of Rights seeks to empower parents and provide them with a voice, while the leftists like AOC would instead have the government control our lives. Make no mistake, the Parents Bill of Rights is a crucial step forward for American freedom, and its passing should be supported by every American who values parental involvement in their child’s education.

Written by Staff Reports

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