SNL Skit Mocks Columbia University Protest Parents, Wins Conservative Praise

Saturday Night Live, known for its left-leaning humor, surprised many by delivering a truly funny skit. The skit mocked the parents of students at Columbia University who were busy protesting various causes on campus. While SNL has often been criticized for its biased humor, this particular skit managed to find the humor in a situation that many conservatives could relate to.

In the skit, Kenan Thompson played the role of a father whose daughter was participating in protests at Columbia University. He humorously expressed his frustration at paying $67,000 a year for his daughter’s education, only to have her spend her time protesting instead of focusing on her studies. This resonated with many who believe that college should be a time for education, not just activism.

It’s refreshing to see SNL take a break from their usual political jabs and deliver a skit that pokes fun at both sides of the political spectrum. It’s a reminder that humor can transcend politics and bring people together, even if just for a few laughs. While SNL may not always hit the mark, this skit was a step in the right direction.

Of course, SNL’s occasional forays into conservative humor are few and far between. The show is still dominated by liberal-leaning sketches and jokes, which can be tiresome for viewers who don’t share the same political views. It would be nice to see more balance in the show’s content, allowing for a more diverse range of humor that appeals to a broader audience.

Overall, the SNL skit mocking Columbia University parents was a welcome change of pace. It showed that even in the world of comedy, there’s room for different perspectives and opinions. Let’s hope that SNL continues to mix things up and provide laughs for all audiences, regardless of their political beliefs.

Written by Staff Reports

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